Saturday, 19 February 2011

Copyright vs Copywrong

I have spent an interesting afternoon, reading and thinking about copyright and how it pertains to what I make.

Often I will see a pattern or an idea that will start me off to make a pattern of my own, the pistachio cable scarf is a case in point.  I wanted to make a scarf for a friend, had four balls of wool and then wanted a cable to do, frankly what I came up with was not exactly rocket science and I know that similar cable patterns could be found elsewhere but it was my idea with that wool and those needles.  The other scarf came from a marvellous store of ideas the amazing website but the technique that I learned from it has spurred me on to try a variation.

I also found this fantastic book by the amazing Nicky Epstein, a great challenge to my knitting but it too has spurred me onto another project... more of which, very soon.

However, when it comes to copyrighting, what is really sad is when you read about really large firms ripping off the little people, the small designer, so I was really shocked when I read this blog about how Claire's Accessories ripped off the Designer, She Draws:

Her blog is definitely worth a read and I am sure she would appreciate your support,

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