Thursday, 28 April 2011

Easter trees, booties and bunting

Now a bit of advice to everyone... if you wake up after falling asleep on the sofa, then not realising it, do not stand on a dead leg... the torn ligaments that ensue are rather grim!  So all my plans for doing window boxes, hanging baskets and reclaiming the garden this week came to nought. And I am limping round like Long John Silver sans parrot, although my training as a first aider came to the fore... you should see my figure of eight bandaging... a joy to behold by any member of the St John's Ambulance Brigade!

Anyway I thought you might like my Easter tree, I have had a tree for nearly 20 years and like my Christmas tree I now have too many decs but still need to buy a couple of new ones every year.

I was able to use the down time to good effect on a couple of commissions for my friend Sally, her neighbours have had twin girls and she asked me to make matching pairs of booties for the newly arrived babies and here they are:

And here they are ready to be delivered!

Sally also asked me to make some bunting for her Royal Wedding barbie... we found some super stylised Union Jack fabric which works really well and the bunting in ready to be hung out for tea tomorrow... although bunting wars have broken out in our street, with my next door neighbours making a great response to  to the new people at the bottom of the street.

Finally I really chuffed to tell you that we will have my very first guest blogger in a couple of days, well actually  on Monday  - A Playful Day - she does amazing podcasts and I met her through the Ravelry   

So go and take a look at her blog and remember to come back and read on Monday 2 May 2011


Carole said...

I LOVE the bunting and those shoes are just adorable!

Bobleyboo said...

Oh gosh I hope your leg is ok! It's horrible when you have so much planned.

Kimberley x