Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea

That quote is from Isak Dineson, aka as Karen Blixen of Out of Africa fame... and this was so true on Sunday when I went down to the Old Town for a walk.
This boat was about to lay her anchor and take her sails down as we sat on the Wharf in old Leigh on Sunday, the sun was setting and the estuary looked like a Greek harbour in the golden half light.
And here on the side of the wharf is the fishermen's co-operative... best cockles in the world come from Leigh-on-sea... honestly I frequently do quality control visits to make sure the standards are maintained.

And this is one of my favourite slipways between The Mayflower and The Smack pubs...
Looking over the railway lines to the mouth of the Estuary, so many boats out on Sunday due to the wonderful weather we enjoyed.
Now don't be deceived, at the other end of the High Street the road past The Peterboat was heaving as The Crooked Billet was hosting a Pink Charity Fundraiser and the pubs were running out of booze as the weekend had been so busy!  Although my recent discovery of Crabbe's Ginger beer was still available, all that was missing was the Famous Five :)
And dusk fell all too soon on the weekend as we wended our weary way up the hill home.


Ali said...

What wonderful photos and a great sounding day out.

Can't believe the difference in the weather then to now! (Guess we've been spoilt!)

Ali x

The Seat Bottomer said...

I love the quote - so true! What a fabulous day out, you lucky person you. We're only 8 miles from Poole and Bournemouth and just 6 miles from the New Forest - so what were we doing on such a beautiful hot, sunny day?

Painting the outside of our house and gardening!!

Kim x

Susan said...

I'm all for tears. An old man at church once told me that tears are the most powerful form of prayer there is!

Very enjoyable post. And peaceful.

Caroline Nash said...

Beautiful pictures Ros, we have such wonderful scenery so close to home and often overlooked.

CarolC1 said...

Loved the pics. Ireally felt I was part of it all. Thankyou