Thursday, 11 October 2012

OMG... How much?

Right, this year for the first time in ages, we are not going to the Knitting  & Stitching Show at Ally Pally.  There are a couple of reasons for this, am not sure if I mentioned it but recently both my brother-in law and my sister had mini strokes, TIAs or transient ischaemic attacks... in fact if it had not been for my bil having one first, my sister would not have realised what was happening when she had hers.  Both of them had a bit of tingling in their hands and an inability to hold a mug, feeling a tad odd and bit headachey.  
A previous matron of the hospital was in the stroke ward at the same time, nothing escaped her beady eye!
He had been on an aspirin regime which could well explain why there was little if no damage... however my sister was not so lucky, her carotid artery was totally bunged up (think mega amounts of sediment in your central heating!) which meant a whole different ball game.  Firstly, she was not allowed out of the ward... had to stay on flat surfaces - no stairs, lest any clots be released if she bumped about, the anaesthetists who could undertake this were on hols so it was almost two weeks later that they operated.  She had a carotid endarterectomy, yep, they removed that section of her carotid... you know the one that spurts everywhere in horror movies and put in a new piece.  She recovered really well thanks to the magnificent work of the stroke unit at Southend... if she had not had this scare, then she would most definitely have had a major stroke within the year.  So please, when you see those ads and articles about the signs and symptoms of strokes, just take the time to read them... it's just about thinking FAST.  She is back driving now but K&S is a long day, so maybe next year...
The show opens today and yes, I do kind of regret not going but to be honest a flippant comment made on Twitter has made me think... do you know that I cannot tell you how much I have in my various stashes?  I can tell you that I put 160+ fat quarters in a picnic hamper a few weeks ago.  I have a separate hamper for Christmas... a humongous plastic container for half yards or more... and at the back of the dining room lurks an even bigger trunk in which I know there is at least 4 yards of cream and gold dog tooth check wool fabric from the early 90s and an early visit to Ally Pally.  Tell me, what possessed me?
I aspire to sort my collection into this sort of  order
Not sure that we should tackle wool as it is pervasive, you think you have it locked down... but no, it hides in small spaces (that would be behind and under the sofas), it can literally roll anywhere and it does.  I have found it in every room in my house with the exception of the bathroom but frankly that is just a matter of time.  I love going through it and remembering where I bought it... and yes there is an Ally Pally novelty yarn  that I bought which, well honestly I must have been hypnotised by aliens... it is so mortifying that I could not even offer it up for a swap let alone take it surreptitiously to a charity shop, as even they have standards!
If only own stash was so well ordered and coherent
And do you know what, we haven't even addressed kit, like sewing boxes, cutting mats and rulers, buttons, ribbons, interfacing, tissue, hoops, threads, patterns, knitting needles, crochet hooks and no, don't go there with books, look I told you don't go there... need I go on?  I am sure there is an answer, it's just that I am not sure I will like it.  And do you know that I have just realised, I have not touched on embroidery, tapestry, felting, Hardanger...
I long to own something like this... memories of Brightwells in Southend,  the Grace Bros of fabric shops! 
So there it is the reasons I am not at Ally Pally this year, mostly because over the years I have accumulated the contents of the main hall and they are scattered about the house, in every nook, cranny and crevice... mind you what about under the stairs at the back, now there's a thought!


Wendy said...

Now it really sounds like you should be having a stall of your own at Ally Pally!

On a more serious note, hope everyone is recovering well and they all remain fit as fiddles. I worry about strokes as so many symptoms are similar to migraines (and migraines can different each time even in one person) I think I would struggle to recognise the difference.

Lynn Catling said...

Oh, I do hope that your relatives recover quick smart. Sounds very scary indeed.

Some of my happiest childhood memories centre around my Granny's button box, a huge colourful tin. I'd spend hours rifling through. Your home and all those lovely things look like a giant grown up version.

Ali said...

I'm glad to hear your sister is making a good recovery. You certainly have a way with words. Your description of the carotid artery made me laugh.
I think Wendy may be right, you should have your own stall.
Ali x

Sue said...

Hope your relatives continue to improve. I am going to Ally Pally tomorrow, I checked my stash, said I don't need anything! But I know once I see Black Sheep's pile I will be tempted. I say I'm going just for my daughter but that would be a lie!

Lyn said...

I too would love one of those wood and glass sales cabinets.

Annie and I decided to give Ally Pally a miss this year (reluctantly) but we will be there next year buying a fair bit of the goodies in the main hall.

Best wishes to your rellies for continued improvement!

Sue said...

Seeing that glass cabinet brought back memories. I used to have one just like that when I had a dancewear shop many years ago. I used to display all sorts of ribbons, sequins, ribbons, and ballet accessories in it. I got it from an old fashioned ladieswear shop that was closing down and auctioning everything off. I seem to remember we only paid about £5 for it. Happy days.