Sunday, 4 March 2012

Making a Spectacle - Glasses Case Tutorial

I found some fabulous bias binding in my local shop and just had to have it... floral bias binding is the future!  Then what could I make from it... well, the answer was in my handbag, my reading glasses case was looking a little the worse for wear, also it was black and I could never find it in the bottom of my handbag to say nothing of the suitcase which held my sunglasses which was almost as big as my handbag... so I was off an running.  What I need is a simple quilted speccy case!
You will need
2 pieces of cotton fabric
1 piece of wadding
Sewing cotton
Cutting mat, Rotary wheel and Ruler or Dress making scissors
Sewing machine
Iron and Ironing board
Small drinking glass
Scraps of contrasting fabric if you decide to applique
Iron your fabric and cut out two pieces of fabric 8"x 8"  If you have larger sunglasses or are making the case for Dame Edna then you will need to increase the size a little.  Cut out your piece of wadding about 1/2" wider all round
Now make a sandwich of your fabric, wadding and fabric and pin it together.  Take your top fabric and mark it lightly every inch along the side, as we are going to become expert straight line sewers on this project as we quilt it together with our machines.
To make our diamond pattern sew all the lines in one direction, then turn it and sew across in the opposite direction to create the pattern above.

Trim off all the excess fabric... the square will shrink with quilting and I trimmed it to a 7" x 7" square.
Pin your bias binding across one edge of the square and sew it into place, if you are feeling a little nervous tack it into place using a a contrasting cotton so that it is easy to remove when you have finished.
Fold the square of fabric in half with the bound edge at the top, take your glass, place it in the bottom open corner and trace around it with a water soluble pen and cut around this to give you a gently curving edge.
At this point I thought it looked bland, so out came my pastry cutters and I found a suitable cutter to create a little bit of applique.
Sew the patch into place.
Fold the fabric together, match up the edges and sew a fine seam of about1/4" from the base up to the bias binding at the top.  Now, you may find that your machine baulks at the amount of fabric you are trying to push through it, so just increase your stitch length as this will make it easier for the machine.
Take your bias binding and fold about 1/2" under to create a neat end, you may find it easier to iron the bias binding in half before you tack it into place.  When you  come the rounded corner, because this is bias binding it will ease around the curve leaving a really smooth finish.  As you get to the end cut half an inch more than you need and tuck it under just as you did at the beginning.  You really do need to tack this bias binding into place, I do this because I know no matter how well I pin it together, it will slip, it's the law!
Sew in your loose ends, I usually over-sew the ends to make it look really neat... however you guessed it, I still thought it needed more, so I found a heart shaped button to sew onto the case (next time I will do this before I sew it up!).  The great thing is that I can find this in the stygian gloom that is the bottom of my hand bag and better still, because it is cotton it is easy to wash.

Now everyone over to Wendy's Handmade Monday as I reckon there will be great ideas for things to make and buy for UK Mother's Day.

And in a couple of weeks I will show you how to make your own bias binding.


Carolee Crafts said...

I've seen this printed binding but did ponder what to use it for, great spectacle case and a great idea

Kate said...

Very nice and you make it look so easy. I haven't seen printed binding anywhere yet but neither can I find jumbo rick rack, lol!

Wendy said...

Lovely tutorial as usual and a fab use for the bias tape!

Highland Monkey's said...

That is fabulous fabric and thank you for taking the time to do a tutorial, the speccy case is great.

Christmas Pie Crafts said...

A great make and a very good tutorial Ros - many thanks for sharing it. By the way, did you see my second comment on your 19 Feb blog post? Hope you have a good week

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

Thanks for the tute Ros I definitely need to make me one of these

Anonymous said...

Lovely tutorial as always! Have a great week x

Adaliza said...

Love the quilting - so even. I just love the feel of quilted fabric. Pretty bias binding and so useful - I must make one. My sunglasses are always getting scratched and you never know - one day maybe we'll need to wear our sunglasses too! Keep hoping for sunshine!

lovetartan said...

Love tutorial and something to make for my sunglasses Mich :)

butterflyblossom said...

I always love your tutorials and one day when I am brave enough I am actually going to follow one from start to finish. I look forward to that day! X

Sarah - The Lilac Dragonfly said...

I sooooo need a glasses case....put my sunglasses on y'day and could barely see thru the scratches....shame I can't sew for toffee... ;)

Polly Polkadot said...

Just spent evening cutting out glasses cases and now you show me a quicker method. I'm not sure if i'm pleased!

Anonymous said...

Another great tutorial. Reading your blog always make me want to run off and make something!

fatmonica said...

That's brilliant!I wish I had the patience to do something like that.

Kat Shenton said...

Another great tute! This one is going to have to go up there on my 'try soon' list simply because I have a spare pair of specks with no case... you know that can end badly :)

Truly Myrtle said...

I love the curved corner - it just lifts it doesn't it?

Jam Dalory said...

Great tutorial and beautiful fabric. x

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

suitcase/handbag some thing really. I've always been a bit nervous of using bias binding but you make it look easy! I totally have to make one of these.

Susie said...

You make this look so easy, I think I could do it! Thank you for the tutorial, and I never would have thought of using the drinking glass to get the curve! WOW you are a genius. :)

Tickled Pink said...

So clever and so pretty too. I love the way you have quilted it - fantastic!

Handcrafted by Picto said...

Another great tutorial Ros, you always make things look so easy.
That's great fabric and I love the little button on the heart.

Jan x

Pickle Lily said...

Yet another fantastic tutorial. You must publish a book!
Jo x

Sam Times said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial on making glasses case. Every glasses needs a cool case and with this, it's really possible. :D