Monday, 27 September 2010

Getting started!

In about six weeks I will be taking part in my very first craft fair in Leigh-on-sea... selling hand crafted cushions and baby booties... well I have to start somewhere!

At the moment my mind is racing, thinking about all the things that I will need to do to make my 8' x 5' table the best in the show to say nothing of how much stock I will have to make.  If you see a middle aged woman frenetically knitting bootees with elbows flying on the 7.10 to Fenchurch Street, then that is me.

I have been looking around my house at the carnage my crafting is currently leaving, there is my electric sewing machine in the morning room, my old beloved  hand Singer in the dining room and, baskets of wool, needles, crochet hooks and sewing implements in the living room... then there is the ironing board up in the kitchen and the hoover lying in wait in the hall to pick up all the threads that keep dropping.  The idea of changing my second bedroom into a workroom is becoming so attractive... if only I were brave enough to look under the bed and remember what I had squirrelled away there!

Well first post completed... onwards and upwards!

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chris said...

Very good. You need a space before an ellipsis. Like this ...