Monday, 27 September 2010

Why I love my old hand Singer

Why do I love my old Singer machine?

I realise that I have had this machine for 30 years and it is much older than that, my sister bought it for me when I first moved to London for £20 and I had to pay her back at the princely sum of £5 a month, it is probably the best investment that I ever made.

I learnt to sew with my mother's Singer treadle machine and loved the feeling when you sped down a seam working the treadle, perched on the edge of sofa making A lines skirts and more besides... one of the saddest things we did when my mum died was give the machine away, to this day my sis and I regret it but neither of us had the space for it.

But my lovely hand Singer sits in its wooden box, begging to be released, I love the silver chase work on the side, the way the handle flips over and the spool engages to be filled up.  But best of all it never lets me down, it has made bridal dresses, evening gowns, cushions and curtains, quilts and blouses... please don't tell the Toyota but it really is my favourite.

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