Monday, 4 October 2010

Centenary Reunion at St Bernards Convent High School

On Saturday my secondary school started a year of celebrating its centenary... I remember being in school for the Diamond Jubilee.  Although the buildings have not changed dramatically the layout inside had with a few extra buildings added.  Amazingly ten girls turned up from 5.1 and 5.2 and here are eight of them below:

In the back row, Frances Persighetti - now a GP, Marion Hill - teaching Research at Oxford, Colleen Russell -  teaching Maths to A Level, Lynne Hayes - full time carer for her husband.
Front Row: Catriona Drayton - Speech therapist, Mary Swinney, Christina Lake - University Librarian and me

Sharon Blainey was behind the camera and Bern Dawson left before we took the pic.

It was so lovely to see all these women and to be remembered by the nuns who had taught us albeit 34 years later... so we really couldn't have been that bad, after all!

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Lynn Price said...

My Aunt was a nun at St Bernards - then moved to Slough. We used to go as a family to visit her once a year with my mum her Sister and have many happy memories of our trip each year. Quite a few of our family did go to Westcliff to celebrate what I think was her 50 year anniversary before she moved to Slough, she was Auntie Kate to us but you might have known her as Sister Florentine (I think - my memory is not what it used to be)