Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My guilty secret...

is every so often to indulge in a spot of Hardanger aka drawn thread work.  I am afraid it started in the dim and distant past when one of the girls with whom I did my Needlecraft and Dress  O level (yes it really is that  long ago) made a table cloth and napkins in hardanger with contrasting blue and white threads as her orignal piece.  Boy did I covet her project on a Friday afternoon when we spent all afternoon sewing!  See what you started Gaye Casey - I blame it all on you.

Fast forward 30 years and I finally got to play, albeit on a smaller scale with cushions.  I just love the structure and the fear of failure when you cut the threads.  I think of hardanger as being like a Busby Berkley production, the stitches look like nothing on their own but put them together and they create a fabulous bigger picture.  So here are a few of my old cushions:

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