Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Whatever happened to...

my local woolshop and fabric shop?

OK, how many of you out there buy all your supplies online?  Come on now, fess up.

Have you noticed that so many of our little shops are now closing and disappearing, if we do not use them, we will lose them.  These shops are centres of excellence with advice freely given when you seek it.

My fave wool shops are:


Gades in Clarence Road in Southend

And for fabric shops:

Belle Fabrics in Elm Road, Leigh-on-sea


In the 12 years that I have lived in Leigh we have lost two wool shops and a haberdashers.  And frankly the thought of only being able to obtain chemist shop wool does not fill me with passion.  So, listen girls, if we do not support these shops we will only be able to shop in places like John Lewis which is great  but not so wonderful when you need to pop round the corner for a spool of cotton.

If you are not doing anything this weekend, go and take a look at your local shop - you know it makes sense.

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