Monday, 9 May 2011

Baskets and Booties

I cannot believe that we are already at the beginning of the week again and it is time for Wendy's Handmade Monday - do take a look and see what everyone has been up to over the past week, as usual there are some amazing makes on there.

As I have not been able to find a new job yet, I have been putting my time to good use (around agency visits) and have sorted out the hanging baskets, window boxes and pots in my front garden.  We are going for pink and cheery this year...

Filled with double headed Petunias, a blousy pink 

Geranium intersperced with blue Lobelia

More Geranniums, Busy Lizzies, couple of Penstemons
 and a rather strking Coleus
More Petunias and Lobelia with great

instant colour making my front window
a joy to look out of!

I have also been asked recently for some gender-neutral baby booties, it is really lovely the number of mums-to-be who don't want to know what they are going to have.  So I have whipped up some cream booties, a pair of navy blue Mary Janes with Zebra buttons and cos I like flowers and the basket weave pattern a couple of pairs of cocoa  coloured booties with  flowers, definitely not gender-neutral just plain lovely.

What I really enjoy about making booties, is how quickly they knit up... might make some beanie hats to match them... what do you reckon?

And finally, the good news is that the rushing for the Arts and Craft chair arrived in the post this morning, which means that I will have another item on my to do list!


Wendy said...

The flowers all look great but the bootees are just adorable. Yes to beanie hats :-) !!

Thanks for taking part in HM x

Caroline Lovis said...

Your pots are looking super! I just can't help but go 'ahhhhhhh' when I look at those bootees, they really are the business, the last pic is my favourite with the embellished flowers and yes you absolutley must make matching beanies. Caroline x

Picto said...

The booties are bootiful (sorry). Matching beanie hats would look good too. I saw a 'ickle baby the other day with a knitted 'Alice band' with a flower attached, it looked so cute.

Jan x

SeniorCrafts said...

Spring is in the air!! Booties and Baskets (and Pots) of Flowers...just lovely Ros! Nancy

cj said...

The little shoes are just so cute!! Really admire your pots too, my garden is sadly neglected!

Your Friend Susie said...

I love the booties, and I kind of like the idea of Moms not wanting to know. I know, I know, modern medicine and all, but back when I was having kids, most of us didn't know, and it was sort of like opening a present, you got what you got and were happy with it! :) Those booties are delish! Very pretty.

Charters said...

Nice garden, pink is good. Love the booties. Also looking forward to the restoration of the chair.

dreamstar said...

Love love love the cocoa booties with flowers. Beanies definately needed to match.
I wish i could get interested in my garden but i dont have the time or energy any more

Ali said...

Your flowers are beautiful (I can only grow weeds!)

Loving the booties and yes, beanies are required - how cute would the kiddies look in their matching hats and booties?!

Ali x
Ali's Craft Studio

Suzanne said...

Your flower pots look gorgeous, wish I had green fingers. The booties are adorable, yes you should do bonnets to match. Hugs Sue x

Little Harriet said...

I have a pink petunia this year too :)
Those booties are so sweet! You have to make a matching hat!

Caroline Lovis said...

Ros, I have just eagerly tried to view your most recent post (Charity shop finds) and the link didn't work, don't think it's me because all other links worked ok. Just wanted to let you know. Caroline

Ros Made Me said...

Caroline, where are you linking from? I can get in from both FB and Ravelry... I will speak firmly to the screen... let me know if you still have probs.

Carolee Crafts said...

You know it is summer when the garden centres fill with bedding plants, love to see all the colours of the plants. A plethora of bootees, so pretty