Monday, 2 May 2011

Guest Blog by A Playful Day - Sitting on Top of the World

I am thrilled to introduce my very first guest writer who blogs at A Playful Day about knitting, daydreaming, cooking and finding pleasure in all things practical. Aplayfulday was created as a reminder to keep things playful and to search for that joy everyday.  From this blog, a podcast has developed that is rapidly growing in popularity and can be found on itunes and the blog.

Sitting on top of the World

I’m known for being daydreamy, tucking myself into a space, carving it out and making it mine. From where I sit I daydream, survey and indulge. I found a new place to do so today. I decided I will share the experience with you but don’t tell anyone else ok? It’s a special place.

Secondly, I was excited because I was sat on a rooftop.  From where I sat I could survey the world, look down into neighbour's gardens and spy on the cats that watched me quizzically.  I delighted in looking up every now and then as one of the many cats tried once more to catch a squirrel.  I found myself rooting for both teams, it all just looked like a fun game of chase in the sunshine.  I peered into other people’s gardens and grew curious about artefacts that I could spy.

Then there was my chosen activity, a new project, ready to go and ready to entertain me with its’ freshness.  I worked away, pausing to reflect that those would need sorting before summer footwear and to take another sip of nice cool wine.  I wriggled my toes, glad to be bare foot, my favourite footwear of choice!  I did decide those might need a little tidying to get ready for Summer though....

I sat for so long and saw so many things that by the time I had company I was full enough with indulgent solitude that I could cope with sharing.

This is going to be the first in a series of guest blogs and I want to thank A Playful Day for for starting off the series in such great style... and now as it is a Bank Holiday in the UK, I think I will take a chance to stand, stare and enjoy the peace.

And remember to let us both know what you think of the guest blogs.

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