Sunday, 5 June 2011

Armed and Dangerous?

Do you ever have a week when you wonder what you actually did?  The days have gone past in a blur but you really don't think you have achieved anything... and then the day when you thought you would be allowed to slob about and chill is the busiest in the week.

Well, I was getting really disheartened with the job search as I did not get a contract role which I wanted but they are keen on me for two perm jobs which are available.  And it is possible that I may have a temp job to tide me over in between so hopefully things are getting better.

Anyway, Friday was my birthday and I thought, yippee, I will have a lie-in, but the fates conspired against me.  My friend Deborah needed a house sitter to wait for the BT man, so I was sitting in her lovely living room watching the tide come in whilst removing the sleeves from a dress.  Said dress was needed by my neighbour's daughter for a trip to Spain... little did I realise that I would have to get through three separate sets of seams to remove them but the dress did make it to suitcase in time for the trip.

Then Sally (who had the cushion last week) asked me to create Summer rag wreath for a chum with a local cafe, so I had to sort out a bunch of gingham and floral FQs to grace the walls of the Tea Garden... and this is what I managed:
I also found some smaller hearts and I am thinking of making some really jazzy rag wreaths to hang from door handles.
I also took charge of a new toy during the week, I am now officially armed and dangerous... stand well back I have a glue gun and after a little bit of practice, I am not afraid to use it!   Now if I can just work out how to stop it dribbling like a new baby, I will be chuffed to bits, but I have to admit to taking a perverse pleasure in picking off the excess.
To get some practice in I made a couple of Kanzashi Flower brooches, using the square technique rather than the circles and I have managed to make a 1.5" flower with a modicum of swearing but I think if I try the one inch flower the air will be blue.
I had a look through my stash and found some lovely silk that I bought from the Silk Route, which I think will make some even lovelier brooches, what do you think?
So on reflection, maybe just maybe, I did do more than I thought last week.  And if you want to see what the rest of the gang have been up to, take a look at Wendy's Handmade Monday, but be warned it is very addictive seeing what everyone has been up to!


Wendy said...

Love the silk colours, love the rag wreath too. Happy birthday for Friday!
Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday x

Carolee Crafts said...

Happy Belated birthday. Love the silk stash and use the silk route all the time, she has some fantastic finds.

Love the fabric wreath

Joanna said...

That wrag wreath is just gorgeous! I love the colours!


Kazies Magical Designs said...

beautiful Silk and a very productive week for you xxxx

Claire Cooper said...

Love the flowers!

Mrs A. said...

Love those silk colours. Never tried making the flowers with a square of fabric before. They look gorgeous as does your rag wreath.
Hugs Mrs A.

Annie and Lyn said...

Absolutely love the rag wreath! I know you made it as a favour, but have you thought about making them to sell in your Etsy shop?
Take care when the hot glue gun dribbles (never worked out how to stop that by the way) because it can feel jolly hot on your skin (ask me how I know!)

Caroline Lovis said...

Try not to get disheartened about the job, it only means something better is around the corner. It's a pity they closed down Teachers TV I loved it! Anyway, the rag wreath is lovely, have you done a tutorial on it I'd love to have a go. The silk flowers just look so professional. I hope you're still enjoying your glue gun and I hope you had a lovely birthday x

Ros Made Me said...

Caroline, here is the rag wreath tutorial that I did last Christmas:

And yes, I am considering putting them up on Etsy, so thanks for the encouragement.

Picto said...

Hi Ros, great post as usual, Happy Birthday for Friday. Love the silk, I'd like to see what you do with them. The brooches look great, well done.

Jan x

Polly Polkadot said...

I do like the way handmade monday for makes you work out what you have been doing during the week.
I like the wreath, so I'm off to look at your tutorial too.

Kat Shenton said...

I love my glue gun. It would go on my honeymoon if I thought I could get away with it :)

I love the wreath idea. Its so effective! I would never have thought to use pieces of fabric to create such a lovely piece!

Susie said...

I don't know how I ever survived before hot glue! You will become totally proficient in no time and be hot gluing everything in sight! I use mine for all sorts of things. :)
I love the flowers, and the fabric is stunning. Sounds like you had a very busy week.

Helen said...

I love my glue gun too and i can't live without it! I tend to use it more for 'repairs' than crafts but you never know i may remedy that one day lol
Loving the brooches and the wreaths-you are so clever!- and the silk is lovely. I spied some sari material in the charity shop last week...mmm i wonder if i could make use of it :)

Little Harriet said...

Happy Birthday! It's always the case when you think you can chill out everything crops up.
Love the rag wreath, not seem anything like that before.
The silk is lush.


PuppyFly Boutique said...

The rag wreath is so lovely - the gingham looks great. I would definitely say that you have had a productive week! Anna x

Maria said...

Happy belated birthday. I do hope you managed to snatch a few minutes me time.
Your crafts are gorgeous as always. I think the rag wreaths will be very popular if you do decide to sell them.

Caroline Lovis said...

Thanks Ros for the tutorial link, I think these are great. So simple but so effective and can be used at any time of year depending on the fabric you choose. What a clever lady you are

Charters said...

Lovely rag wreath, I bet it looks lovely on display. The Kanzashi flower brooches are also very pretty. So much for your quiet week! Good luck with the glue gun ... not sure what you'll use it for but it looks 'ready for anything'!

Carol said...

I enjoyed the read and you have some lovely 'makes' there too.
I treated myself to a glue gun two years ago and never had the courage to use it. Maybe I will have a go.