Friday, 27 January 2012

The 1930s are just bang up to date!

I did something bad today... you know how it is... I wanted to walk past, but I just couldn't help it... I went into Belle Fabrics (aka to us oldies as Richardsons) in Leigh-on-sea, just to see if they had something that I might be able to use for this weekend's tutorial.  What a mistake, they had just had a delivery of Moda Fabrics... I mean, how was I to know but by then I was in and there was no escape.

Moda have just released a new range called 30s Playtime which is based on the floral and chintzy ranges of the 1930s and have been designed by Chloe's Closet for Moda.
Now this is just a taster of a Jelly Roll pack, usually a selection of fabrics 2 1/2" x 44/45" and taken from the same range.

I was really taken by:
But then I spotted: 
And then:
And one of these literally made it to the cut for the Sunday's tutorial... we will be making a cover for your ipad... or Kindle... or you can scale it down for your phone.

Now oddly enough I also got an email from MoDA (the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture) and they have published a fabulous book to coincide with their travelling exhibition on the work of the Silver Studios and even better it is reduced in their January sale.
 The book was written when Keren Protheroe was researching the work of the women designers who worked at the Silver Studios... elements of their art remains and sometimes, you  do not even know who they were but what they have created is still used by people like M&S designers to influence their fabrics today.
Imagine being told that you can only use so many colours to create a design and yet create the illusion that you have used a full palette.   They even have letters between the studios and the designers discussing their work and pay!
So, if you see that the travelling exhibition is coming to a spot near you, gussie up your skirts and get there as fast you can, it is small but I promise you that it is really worthwhile.

PS I have no links to Moda or MoDA, I just like em and know you will, too!


Anonymous said...

Friday, I'm in love ...

The mum of all trades said...

At least you bought fabric for a specific project. I usually get carried away and come home with pretty fabric that I've no idea what to do with!

CarolC1 said...

I so love those fabrics. You won't believe it but I have some of the original 1930's in my workroom. I won't go into reasons now but will blog about them some time.
I wonder if they have an itinery of their ports of call - I would love to see the exhibition.

Annie and Lyn said...

Skirt is gussied up and I'm ready to go!

Love those fabrics and looking forward to the tutorial.


Lovely fabrics can't wait to see what you make with them x