Thursday, 19 January 2012

Entre Chien et Loop... a Woolshop at Dusk

OK, I know that it should read entre chien et loup* but yesterday at dusk I went to visit The Loop Woolshop in Camden Passage.  If you have ever read any knitting magazines, you may recognise their very distinctive branding: 
I had read a few reviews about the shop but frankly I thought that it would not live up to the publicity... how wrong could I be.

So, the shop is over two floors in a small establishment in buzzy Camden Passage (actually all the shops are small along there as they are turn of the 18th century buildings).  You push open a small door an enter a strip wood floor emporium.  I resisted the temptation to run headlong towards the first wall of wool that I saw and plunge my hands into it, it was full of fantastically dyed sock yarns which each seemed to have my name on it.  Then on the opposite wall, something that I have not seen since childhood, row upon row of darning yarn in all the colours of the rainbow and many in between.
It was so nice that the girls behind the desk immediately greeted me and asked if I had been there before and if they could help me.  On learning it was my first visit, they explained were things were in the shop and encouraged me to have a good look round.  Well, I did not need the encouragement and dashed up upstairs... it was even better than downstairs. 

In the corner was a fantastic collection of knitting, crochet, felt and other woolly books... I tried not to dribble but it was difficult.  There were the usual suspects but some great imports from the US which proved to be very tempting, even better was the comfy sofa next to the bookcase to browse through the patterns.  What particularly impressed me was one lady could not find the exact pattern that she wanted, they suggested looking on Ravelry!
On a large table in the centre were more yarns and books. Then scattered about the room were some fabulous chunky yarns over-flowing from old crates.  The variety of yarns was phenomonal, yes there were some really expensive yarns, handspuns, cashmeres, alpacas, from it seemed each and every continent (longingly remembers the South American yarns) but they were very special.  To be honest they were appropriately priced and frankly this is not an ordinary yarn shop but an extraordinary one!

Now, it seems that I may be working just round the corner so I checked out their knit and natter sessions and it seems that I could go to the sessions on Thursday evenings, which would replace my Thursday mornings at my beloved Roses and Rue.  

I would most definitely recommend a visit, with a full purse because you really will want to buy and what is more it will be a fantastic experience from walking in until the girls wish you a fond farewell.  Like Arnie... I'll be back :)

*entre chien et loup is a french term for the dusk and roughly translated means between the dog and the wolf.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic review - so jealous. Plymouth is unfortunately not well served :( . I have to delve into the darker recesses of Devon instead

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

Thanks for painting such a lovely picture of this shop I too had seen their quirky ads. Seems like customer service is top of their agenda doesn't it? How wonderful that this woollen oasis is perectly situated for you when you have time on your hands at lunch break :)

Annie and Lyn said...

Dribble must be a problem in that shop - I wonder if they've thought of issuing pelican bibs to customers as they come through the door?

It looks like the kind of place that would make you forget time - wonderful.

Mimi and Cakes said...

Lucky you! Think I'm going to treat myself to a visit soon so that I can get cracking on a new granny square blanket for the bedroom. xx

Michelle said...

This shop is on my list of yarn stores to visit if/when I ever make it to London! It's nice to hear you had a wonderful experience!

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I'm even more desperate to go! But, it is a bit of a trek from the Isle of Wight. I've always contented myself with their online shop but you might have convinced me that it's worth the journey..

mcrafts said...

Definitely my kind of shop! Mich x

Pickle Lily said...

So, so jealous! Would love to go there and your description makes it sound even more wonderful.
Jo x

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the Liebster blog award :) I love following your posts and thought I would share you blog! I have written a blog post and have linked to your site xx