Thursday, 12 April 2012

I am going to be led astray, I just know it!

On Saturday my very best friend is going to lead me into temptation, she is going to take me to a great wool shop and I am going to be her yarn consultant... I am not going to buy, I am there merely to advise... (yeah, like that is going to happen)

As you will remember, I have known her since I was 11 and we had coat pegs next to each other, I am God mother to her boys... in fact I taught them to blow raspberries and I know my role is to lead them astray wherever and whenever possible... she really should have thought this through.  But on Saturday, she goes to buy wool and I will be there... not buying you understand, merely to temper her choices (only if someone steals your purse and chops off your hands will you not buy).

Her niece is expecting a little girl in May, I have been through my patterns... I know this one is perfect:
My friend Pat made it, Pat is knitting perfection, the only woman I know who knits a swatch for a swatch, and it was fabulous, soft to the touch and gorgeous to look at.

So why do I think this is the one, well Pierina is Italian as is her niece, her niece lives near Milan, fashion centre of the Universe... so this is the one.  It has an elegant simplicity, (matching booties, too) the bow details on the pocket lifts it above ordinary but the challenge is making a border which fits precisely and lies like a dream. This was made for Cashmerino, to be touched by relations and cooed over by friends, never to touch a child for fear you might have to wash it before the knitter sees it on the baby.  

Otherwise I may need to look at my mother's 1940s stash of patterns and we could be bringing the pixie hat to Italy for the first time:
And she is still my best friend... well at least till she sees this post.

P.S. She still thinks I am only going to advise, I have to be honest I reckon the least amount of damage will be socks, just to keep me busy on the train!


Lyn said...

It's a close call between the two patterns (hang on a mo, my tongue has got stuck in my cheek) but I think the pink has the edge.
In fact it's perfect.

Please remember that it's against the law to enter a wool shop and then leave without making a purchase.

Truly Myrtle said...

It is a perfect little cardy - just right for a chic wee baby!
Just admit it - there is no way that you be able to come out that shop without yarn in your bag - who can???! Enjoy. No guilt :)

KC'sCourt! said...

I await to find out to see if you bought any wool
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Sarah said...

Good luck with the 'consulting', love the pattern, I agree the bows make it quite special!

Dawn Ruth said...

I'm just the same if I go into a wool fabric or any craft shop I find there is always something I just must have. I tell myself I am merely helping the British economy get back on its feet.
Anyway wool fabric etc are far better than sweets chocolates etc so go ahead treat your self at least you'll have something to show for it afterwards.

Pickle Lily said...

Your post made me snort with laughter when I saw the pixie hat pattern! The cardigan in casmerino will be gorgeous - far too good to wear though! Hope you have alovely time in the wool shop and find some 'bargains' that are really too good to miss (that's my excuse!)
Jo x

Fiddly Fingers said...

What a pretty cardy. The bows set it off beautifully.

I was very pleased to receive the Versatile Blogger Award recently and now it gives me great pleasure to nominate you for this award!

To find out more about the Versatile Blogger Award have a look at the post of the same name over on my blog. Congratulations! :)

mcrafts said...

The pink cardy is divine! (the hats are - well you never know they may come back into fashion!) I think you had better take a big bag with you. Mich x

Anonymous said...

Love it Ros! (The cardigan's pretty close too!)I've decided on the pixie hat - but I'm going to customise it with a pom pom.I'm not sure Ros knows this secret side of my life, but when I was about 6, my mother showed me how to make pom poms - that was it - I was hooked. Pom poms everywhere - even the fairisle balaclava got the pom pom treatment - an enormous red and white nylon wool affair, hanging from a plaited piece of wool so I could swing it side to side as I jauntily walked down the street!! Thank you Ros, after all these years I can start making pom poms again with a purpose!