Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ribbons Have Arrived :)

Was feeling so disappointed because I had not received the ribbons from Jane Means at work, yesterday but there lying on my door mat, when I got home was my magic ticket, a card from the postie telling me that there was a package, which was too big to get through my letter box, waiting for me at the Post Office.  They were open at 7.00am this morning, but I showed real restraint, indeed actual, amazing self restraint by picking them up at ten past eight, I blame my mother for this indulgence in deferred gratification!

Straight round to Barlow and Fields, the best and tastiest coffee shop in Leigh and I waited till my mate Deborah arrived and then we had the grand opening... and boy, was it worth the wait!
This is what I found inside... Aren't they just lush?
Seriously, tell me that polka dots will never be passé... these are just stunning... am already thinking Father Christmas's braces with the red and white dots on a garland.
And these wired organza ribbons... roses, at the very least.
Now what about this pack... manly ribbons, look really manly ribbons... don't they remind you of striped blazers... actually I think I can hear strains of the Eton Boating song...
Cripes these ribbons have deck stitching and look in the corner, gingham... why, oh, why did I ever cut my hair? (Possibly cos someone in their 50s would look silly in plaits?)
I love this group, the deck chair trio, and boy if you could see how the lime green is made to really zing with the pink deck stitching... have you any idea how much my fingers are itching?

My head is just whirling with ideas to start working with the ribbons... although my first issue is storage but I think I have found a solution and when it arrives, I will show you.

Now, I must get going, I have a tutorial to write in my official capacity as a Jane Means Ribbon Stylist... If you have anything that you think I should take a crack at please let me know... 

And finally... for those who have not heard it, here are the wet bobs of Eton, with the Eton Boating Song... blazers at the ready chaps, floaty dresses for the ladies and off we go.


Ali said...

Ribbon heaven. Where will you start. I had peak at the cafe it looks lovely,yummy food. Have a lovely weekend with your ribbon, can't wait to see what you make. Ali x

Kayleigh said...

wow what are you going to do with all that ribbon?!
They are very pretty

Lyn said...

I'm looking at the photos of the ribbons...excuse me a mo...just got to fetch a cloth....I've dribbled all over my keyboard!
Oh my, those ribbons are luscious.
Looking forward to seeing your makings.

Fiddly Fingers said...

What do you mean wierd? My favourites are the wierd ribbons!! :)


When I saw your ribbons, all I could think was oooooooohhhhhhhh. So many gorgeous colours and wonderful opportunities to create. Enjoy.

Mimi and Cakes said...

I have ribbon envy! Ooh, you're going to have hours of fun x