Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer Wedding Wreath with Ribbon Roses Tutorial

When I started this today, the sun was shining and I thought any Bride would be happy with the day... but then the rains came, then the thunder and lightening, and finally, to round it off we had hail.  The UK will certainly take the weather gold medal this weekend, if only for diversity!
One of the things I always remember about wedding is not so much the dress but the little touches, which is why this wreath is made from fabrics you might be making your bride and bridesmaid's dresses from.  I hit my Jane Means stash of ribbons to start off this week's tutorial, so get yourself ready and let's get started:

You will need:
A polystyrene form
Half a yard / metre each of  net, organza or sari fabric (basically a sheer weave fine fabric)
Rotary cutter with pinking wheel and cutting mat or pinking shears
2/3 yards or metres of organza wired ribbon 
Household scissors
Tweezers or small pliers
2 metres of plain ribbon
Well we have made wreathes at Christmas using this technique last year but this is a little bit different as the wreath is a little more blousey.
Start by cutting out three strips, three inches wide, then cut across them at three inches to form three inch squares. I found some fabulous organza with a sparkle diamante type detail.
Using your chop stick in the centre of the square, push it into the polystyrene form.
Continue to build it up, cutting more squares as you need them, you don't need to cover every inch... walk away from the wreath and turn it round as you can become a touch anal about there being no white showing!
When you are happy that it is covered, go an make yourself a drink and take a final look.
Something like this will do :)
Now cut your ribbon, you will need lengths of about 18", use you household / kitchen scissors as you will be cutting through wire and I will personally come to your house and remove all your dressmaking scissors if I catch you blunting them on wired ribbons!  Remember to flame the ends with your matches to seal them.

You will find fine wire running through the top and the bottom of your ribbon, gently tease the ends out of the top of the ribbon and pull carefully to start gathering the ribbon... do not tug, the wire is fine and will break...
Now from the ungathered side fold over one end, which will tuck it in when you start to roll up your rose.  Now you could use a match to wind the ribbon around but I find it easier to wind it free hand.
 You can manipulate your flower when you have finished winding.
Twist the two wires together a few times to secure your rose, then separate them.
Place the rose on your wreath, manipulate your wire through the organza and net, to the back of the wreath and use your pliers to twist the wire to hold the rose in place.  Tidy in the ends and cut away the excess.  Repeat the process to add as many roses as you wish.
Now use a loop of ribbon to create your bow at the top of the wreath and pop it on the front door to show everyone where the festivities are starting from.
And there you have it, a souvenir of a very special day.

Now let's go look at the Olympian efforts that the crafters have made over at Handmade Monday... I am predicting, items in red, yellow, blue, green and possibly black... what do you reckon?

And for those who are marrying this year... just a touch of schmaltz

Have a great first week of Olympic treats!


Caroline Nash said...

So magical with the organza. Can remember when these came round the first time, oh dear that makes me sound so old, I loved them then and still do now.

Highland Monkey's said...

What a pretty wreath. I didn't know that all you did was poke them in. How easy is that to make such a lovely piece any bride would be proud of.


Absolutely beautiful and the colour of the roses is gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

Hannah said...

Thankyou for such a great tutorial! Do you mind being pinned? I think I would like to save this one :)

Wendy said...

The wreath looks beautiful. Superb idea for a wedding.

Fiddly Fingers said...

This is gorgeous! Simple to do but an absolutely stunning creation! So pleased you shared the tutorial with us :)

Bev Newman said...

Beautiful wreath and a lovely idea for left over organza

Free Spirit Designs said...

this is so pretty and the roses make a beautiful finishing touch... great tutorial! x

Jane Means said...

Great Idea!!

Kat Shenton said...

Bookmarking this bad boy. I gotta have a go at this. Thanks for another fantastic tute :)

Anonymous said...

That's very pretty. A really clear tutorial too, which is a skill in itself. I'm going to take a shot at a simple tute this week :)

Tickled Pink said...

Yay for wreaths like this! I've only done mine on fully round ones, but may try with the ones with the flat back as will use less material. Great tutorial.

Helen said...

The wreath looks beautiful, think the fabrics and colours are really good for a wedding, nice touch :)

Ali said...

Hi Roz
What a beautiful wreath. A lovely idea for a wedding. In fact my friends daughter is getting married next year so I'll show her the gorgeous one you've made. Great tutorial, like the addition of the cuppa when you've finished. Ali x

Made in Suisse said...

What a nice souvenir to treasure after the big day has come and gone...

Handbags by Helen said...

Always wanted to know how to make one of those. I feel my own christmas wreath coming on this year.....

Susie said...

Thank you, I had no idea how these were made, and what a great idea for a gift! :)