Friday, 28 December 2012

Post Christmas Update

Well I hope you are all basking in the afterglow of Christmas and wondering why you got so worried, and trying to work out where you will put those Christmas presents.  So firstly, here is a little something I am rather proud of... it's wreath, a Christmas wreath currently hanging on my front door.
And do you know why I am so proud of it, it is made by one of the ladies who took a class with me last year.  Isn't it great when you are able to pass your skills on?
Then there is my tree, you may remember that last year, I spent much of the time on suicide watch with my suicidal tree which spent about eight of the twelve days of Christmas trying to leap out of its bucket.  So this year I managed to buy the reject tree from Trafalgar Square... I think that it only lost out by an inch or two... and I have no need for curtains as it fills the whole of the bay window!  In fact, I had to take this pic standing on the coffee table and I still couldn't get it all in...
And what was even better is that most of the decs this year were made by me..

Now this is rather special and I wanted to share it with you before Christmas, it's a commission I had made for my sister by Sally.  I wanted a picture that would capture her interests and Sally had a twinkle in her eye and knew precisely what would work for Annette.
She got it s right, even down to the pink wool :)

And talking of Annette, I have a real treat for you on Sunday... a pattern from my big sister, inspired by her friend Cecelia (of whom more later) and here is a little preview of what we will be making.
I do hope that you like it, cos I think that the model feature here made rather a good job of it!

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Lyn said...

It's a beautiful wreath and made extra special by the skill sharing.

As for the tree, well, if you're going to have one...have a big one!

The knitting picture is a great gift - I'm sure it was much appreciated.

The scarf looks very snuggly and warm and the colour suits the model perfectly.