Sunday, 16 December 2012

Where have you been?

Right, I owe you all an apology... I know I have not been here and this is part of the reason:
Can you spot me... I thought I blended in rather well!
With my mate, Sally, we ran a rather great Christmas stall, even if I say so myself!  Cakes, Decs, Wreaths and gifts... we covered every Christmas base!

And tonight I was watching a super documentary with the Unthanks on BBC4, having walked back home from visiting my friend Deborah and her magical Christmas grotto... little does she know that her snow is actually quilting batting and I have my eye on it... if I can remove the glitter!  Part of the walk back is past St Clement's church in Leigh-on-sea where they were holding a Carol service which so took me back... way back.

I went back to Mrs Pickering's class in 1963, where the auditions were held for the Nativity... where I played... second shepherd, yes I started with ambitions for the Virgin Mary... I mean I had the hair, albeit tied up in plaits but no, it was not to be.  However I quickly realised the louder you said it, then you were in!  Does anyone remember how the sound barrier was actually broken in 1963 by a five year old screeching at the Heavenly Host,"Where have they laid the baby wrapped in swaaaaaaaaadling clothes?"  Concorde, pah!

And then there was the action carol... The Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School version of the Rocking Carol...close your eyes and join me... grab your elbows and sing, whilst violently rocking the poor child from side to side... and I swear this group have something approaching our chutzpah
Substitute the puddings for dressing gowns and the caps for towel... and it could be us...

Scroll on a couple of years, The Virginian was a big programme every Friday night, the John Wayne film was the highlight of the Christmas season and then Mr Cracknell found it... The Cowboy Carol.  What you mean you did not know about the cowboys coming to the Nativity, harrumph... where were you?  We had Mrs Read on the piano, who swore she had eyes in the back on her head, but I did not realise until many years later that the highly polished upright she played might just have given her an unfair advantage...
So for all of you, who walk past a Sally Army band and are taken back to your six year old self, still believing in Santa Claus (who you will remember went to school with my mother because they both had the same handwriting), sit back and sing your heart out to a carol you will have sung with gusto, with a tinsel halo or your mum's best tea towel secured with a dressing gown.
And finally, I just want to ask you all to spare a thought or a prayer for the residents of Newport, Connecticut... I remember so well my mother collecting me from school on the afternoon of the Aberfan disaster, the rain pouring down and she would not let go of my hand all the way home.  Please remember not just the children but the bravery of their teachers,  teacher shape each and every one of us....


Ali said...

No wonder you've been MIA. Your stall looks absolutely wonderful. And I have to say I love the reindeer antlers. Have a lovely week.
Ali x

Lyn said...

Hello Ros - yes, I was beginning to wonder if you'd won the Euro lottery and pushed off to sun yourself in the Maldives!

Your stall is fabulous!

Yes, I've had tears in my eyes this week thinking of the parents of those children. One of the children came from very here (Eastleigh) and had only been settled in America for two years.

Picto said...

Gosh you have been busy, I love your stall, very colourful.

This is a lovely post Ros with so many memories attached. I too have cried over the senseless loss and the heartache. A very poignant post X

Jan x

Helen said...

the stall looks fab ros :)
hope you manage to put your feet up for a bit over christmas x

Reloved Remnants said...

Oooh! ROs, you have been busy and look, you have gained a 'friend'. H

Have a lovely Christmas, read you in the New Year, Stef