Sunday, 31 July 2011

Housework - Phooey, I'm too busy playing!

Firstly I have to welcome some new followers, Ola to the lovely ladies from Brazil who found me through Minha Casa Meu Mundo, Goeiendag/Bonjour to Roziemie from Belgium and finally G'day to Carmel who is a friend of my sister from Oz - and Carmel, I know Annette has told you that she taught me everything that I know, but this is wrong, she could never make the mess that I make when I am working!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just don't know where to turn cos you want to do everything?

Well, here are a pair of pure Alpaca handwarmers which I designed, Sharon at Roses and Rue had received a sample ball of just 100m, so after we had finished stroking it, I got to take it home and knit it up, hence designing a pair of handwarmers with a little heart motif and a picot edging tied with a narrow black velvet ribbon.  Let me know if you would like me to publish the pattern on the blog?
Sharon has also asked me to do some classes at the shop, so I am going to do a flower workshop - as you will know I can manage Kanzashi flowers, so I thought I should also master some other sorts of flowers which can be made into fridge magnets, so I have been playing with some handsewn flowers, including yoyos - yep I even have a yoyo maker - and I have been deconstructing a felt flower that a friend has which I think may join the fray (no pun intended as it will be in felt!).  I feel a set of mega flower-making tutorial coming up.  Do you think we could make five different flowers in two hours... I bet we could!
Then I popped into the shop on Saturday and Sharon was on a mission, she was going to master freestyle machine embroidery, so armed with the Poppy Treffry's book she was off.  I had to run back home to find some  embroidery hoops and then I got started too.  We really went for it, down went the running dogs (the little teeth you find on the plate under the foot) and then with no regard for our own safety off came the foot.  It was really liberating - the only way I can explain it is to say you move the fabric and not the needle... but it is such fun playing and so different from classic applique where you do not see any raw edges.
Please note the classic machinist - ironing board on in the background,
coffee by her right hand and book open in front of her.
And this was her very first time, sans dogs and sans feet,
I love the smoke coming out of the chimney
I am still working on my piece which is called hearts and flowers, it is a freehand picture of a bunch of flowers and hearts in a vase, I promise to post it up during the week so you can see what you think.
Now as tomorrow is Monday, go take a look at Handmade Monday on Wendy's 1st Unique to see what everyone has been up to... she is also the Queen of Camper Vans as you will find out when you read it :)

Finally can I take this opportunity to thank you all for reading my blog, this weekend, I went through the 10,000 hits mark, it still amazes me that so many of your read my meanderings in so many places.  Thank you everyone :) 

And because it made me smile when I went past yesterday, this is the school allotment for North Street Primary School, which is just around the corner from where I live - I love the huge scarecrows, they are super!

... BTW, you should have seen me with my camera thrust through the fence taking my snaps but the sight was too lovely to miss.


Wendy said...

It's years since I did any free machining but it's so much fun. There's so much you can do with it!

Thank you for crowning me the Campervan Queen - I quite like that title!! ;-)

Mrs A. said...

Yes please to the knitting instructions. I like to wear fingerless in the winter and need new ones for this yr. I know what you mean about the wool. It is so soft. We have a country house near us that have Alpacas in the grounds. They had two to start with Tom & Dick and when the third one arrived could hardly call him antything but Harry!! Hugs Mrs A.

CarolC1 said...

I occasionally quilt sans dogs and sans feet it can be a nice finish. Have fun.
Love your fun photos of the childrens scarecrows.

PuppyFly Boutique said...

Busy lady! I know what you mean about having too much you want to do - I feel like my head might burst whenever I get a week off!

Your gloves are gorgeous. Anna x

Kazies Magical Designs said...

I have alway wanted to try freestyle machining it looks like a lot of fun looking forwar to seeing your attempt in the week xx

Annie and Lyn said...

It was a relief to read on your post ' after we had finished stroking it.....' because we thought it was just us that did that sort of thing!
But Alpaca can be so very soft.

Looking forward to seeing your free machine piece soon!
And congrats on passing the 10,000 mark - but you shouldn't be surprised that so many people want to read your blog when you always make it interesting and often make it amusing.

The Seat Bottomer said...

Alpaca is definitely too strokeable, I'd never get anything done if someone made me some handwarmers like that! Congratulations on breaking the 10,000 views.

Caroline Nash said...

Wow have you been busy. Love freestyle machine embroidery and have just started to pant some backgrounds for some pictures. Saw this flower template you have now got me thinking just have to buy a few.

Anne - Imagination Beads said...

Congratulations on getting through the 10,000 barrier. I'm looking forward to the flower tutuorial, I may even get my machine out and join in!

Susie said...

You make me feel so lazy! But you always give me lots of ideas. I think I need to try some new things on my machine this fall, perhaps the freestyle machine embroidery. Love all of your stuff all the time, even when it makes me feel like a laggard! :)

Helen said...

You have been very busy!
Loving the flowers. I am not a frilly girly girl at all but I do like flowers :) Reminds me that I have a book with lots of flower patterns to knit and crochet in it, maybe you could add something like that to your workshop too!

Roses & Rue said...

That was a sneaky pic you took of me. I was so absorbed in the free stitching that I didn't notice. And I love the pics of the scarecrow in the school.
The fingerless mitts are divine so I definitely think you should put the pattern up to share with your many followers.
Congratulations on you 10,000 hits - I'm some way off that but I live in hope, haha x

Picto said...

Great post Ros, congratulations on reaching 10,000 hits although I'm not surprised.

Thank you for your comment on my post, I love Wells, parts of your neck of the woods are not too dissimilar. It's always good to have a wonder around.

Jan x

Little Harriet said...

I love the flowers you make, they always look so neat and lovely.


Ali said...

I love Alpaca wool (and the animals it comes from!!) as you say, you need to allow some 'stroking time' before you start doing anything with it!

I bet those hand warmers are wonderful to wear...

Ali x

Caroline Lovis said...

Good luck with the curtain making comission, a woman of your creative talents will fly through it. How exciting to be asked to do the flowers class, the start of many more I feel. And finally oooh free motion love love love can't wait to see your project x

dreamstar said...

Ros my dear you are becoming as obsessed with flowers as i am!!! Congrats on the flower tutorial getting so many hits and your amazing hits counter, you deserve the success. You have been very busy i see this week. Lovely, enjoyable read as always. Lisa x