Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Days of Wine Glasses and Roses... A Flower Tutorial

OK, I am trying to get to grips with Pages and failing miserably... so I may well need the wine glass filled by the end of this tutorial or maybe I will raise it in celebration?
So let's get cracking, you will need:
Two pieces of complimentary fabric
Scissors, needle and pins
Sewing machine
Wine glass and shot glass... 
Self covering button or a large decorative button
Glue gun
and... you know what is coming next, an iron and ironing board

Using the rim of your wine glass as a template, trace out five circles on each of the pieces of fabric.  Wash wine glass and set aside :)
Pin together with the wrong sides facing.  Sew together using a seam allowance of 1/4" - if you check you will probably find that the right hand side side of your machine foot is 1/4" from the needle so you can use this as a guide as you sew round.  Leave an opening of approximately an inch so you turn the petal inside out.
Turn all the petals inside out and press lightly.  Fold the petals as shown above and catch firmly with a stitch.
Now layer them up like a compass and stitch through all your fabrics to hold them firmly in place.
Now take your shot glass, bet you wondered when I would use it - I am using a Schnapps glass that my father brought back from Germany when he was stationed there after WWII and this is probably one of the few times it will get used - as we are now going cover the back of the flower.  Using the base of the glass as a template cut out a piece of cardboard and using the rim of the glass cut out another circle of fabric.
Now if you are making a fridge magnet, glue your small magnet to the cardboard and allow it to set.   Place a knot in your thread and using running stitch, sew around the fabric just a 1/4" from the edge. Put the cardboard disc in the centre and gather up the fabric around the disc and stitch it firmly.
Turn over your flower and glue it in place.
Now covering a button is done in exactly the same way, cut the fabric to be about 1/2" larger than the button... I often find that a search through your purse will find you an appropriately sized template, although avoid the 50p's!
I like to open up the petals and sew them together as it looks prettier but you can leave them in their closed state.  Glue or sew your button onto the top of your flower.
If you are making a brooch or handbag embellishment, you can glue your fitting onto the back of the flower.

Handy Tip - If you are making a handbag embellishment, cut out a circle of felt or a flower shaped motif and sew or glue it to the underside of your flower as this means it will not scratch your bag.

Now remember the wine glass we washed and set aside earlier, go and get out a bottle of wine to toast your crafting skills!
Cheers!  BTW, if you are making more than one you do not need to drink a glass for every flower you make...


Annie and Lyn said...

Lovely tutorial and beautiful flower!
btw, if we were to make several and we did have a glass of wine after each flower, who knows what wonderful hybrids we might produce?

Yarn Dependent Me said...

I'm loving all these little flowers!

Shala said...

That's a wonderful project. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

Mammy Made said...

very cute!

- Ellie @ Mammy Made

Alan said...

Great job.Thanks for sharing such a nice tutorial.
-plastic wine glasses

Solo por el gusto de compartir said...

hermosas.. ♥.♥

Michelle said...

I see LOTS of these in my future crafting. And I love the fact that I get to have a glass of wine when I'm done. Thank you!