Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Squaring Up

Sometimes I really need instant gratification and I get that when I do blanket squares.  It's funny how when you decide that you will do something, a bit like a bus, another one turns up.  Originally I was going to work on a blanket for The Knitter's project for the Refuge charity - if you don't know anything about this, it is a charity that works with families that have to leave their homes due to domestic abuse, often they will arrive with their whole world in a carrier bag - the plan is to give everyone who has to stay in a refuge this year is given a blanket of their own.

However fast on the heels of this came an appeal for a Mumsnet blanket, made in memory of a mum who had died unexpectedly... non-knitters send a couple of balls of wool through to knitters and we knit up squares which are sent off to be made into the final blanket.

So as I blocked out the squares there was only one piece of music I could listen to... and here it is Dave Brubeck's - Unsquare Dance

So here are the five squares I have made up for the Mumsnet blanket, which are taken from a special e-zine  which can be bought for a charity donation to Refuge and a revised version of patterns from Nicky Epstein's book Knitting Block by Block

So I will be off to the Post Office tomorrow to send them on their way.


Annie and Lyn said...

They are lovely Ros and will make a real difference to someone. When a blanket is made of squares that are knitted with such care, it will give comfort.

Helen said...

They are lovely squares Ros.
I need to get started on my squares for Refuge, been meaning to for couple of weeks. Will dig out my stash this very day!

Dutchoma said...

Lovely squares. Especially love the tree.

Little Harriet said...

Really beautiful squares and what a lovely cause.
You are very talented and are putting that talent to a brilliant use.