Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries!

Some of my favourite memories are evoked by cherries, I can vividly remember getting off the bus on my way to school and buying half a pound of cherries from Smith's Greengrocers in Hamlet Court Road and with the help of my friends finishing them before we got to the school gate.  And thinking that my friends the Fridays were posh and rich because they had dessert everyday not just on Sundays... the first time I had lunch with them we had cherries and did "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Sailor..."  am not sure how many I had because I cannot remember which number correlates with Spinster of this Parish!

Now many of you will know that I really like Making Magazine 
But I wonder how many of you ever go and look on magazine websites, you really should try because sometimes you find little gems on there, sometimes it is something which has featured in the magazine and which you missed.  Anyway I spotted these lovely little crocheted cherries and with half an hour to spare, they were made up into a brooch and ready to wear before you could sing Neil Diamond's Cherry, Cherry!

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Claire Cooper said...

cute - I love reading your blog Ros, how do you find the time to do all this!